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Innovation co–creation for effective sustainable tourism development management in Egypt

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Innovation co–creation in tourism management leads to effective sustainable tourism development. The purpose of this research paper is to explain the degree to which innovation is existent in the Egyptian sustainable tourism business development policies. It introduces some suggestions to improve the sustainability standards in the Egyptian tourism development programmes in an innovation co–creative manner for the benefits of current and upcoming local residents of tourist destinations. The research population is tourism managers from tourism companies' category A in Cairo and Giza governorates only and the other categories of companies such as B and C were not considered. Data of the study were collected through questionnaire forms that were distributed among tourism managers and experts. Statistical approaches such as statistical means, t–test, regression analysis and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to validate and test the research outcomes. The research outcomes explain that the effective sustainable tourism management level in Egypt is low and tourism business sector companies in Egypt do not have sufficient policies to be more oriented by the main factors that control the implementation of innovation co–creation strategy or policy for the purpose of sustainable tourism development.

Keywords: innovation co–creation, tourism management, sustainability, sustainable tourism, sustainable development, Egypt, business development, sustainable management, local residents, tourist destinations

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