Innovation on LG Sonic technology to control algae

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As a global leader in the development and research to ultrasonic algae control, LG Sound has been providing environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective solutions to control algae, to all markets where water is being stored. With the release of our newest updated product, the LG Sonic XXL plus, it is now possible to control nearly all types of algae in a range of 186 meter (600 ft) using only 5 watt.

LG Sound

LG Sound is a Dutch company who has developed and introduced the LG Sonic technology to control algae and biofilm by ultrasonic sound waves. After 2 years of cooperation with several European universities in a USD 2 million dollar, European project, LG Sound has developed the LG Sonic technology. The LG Sonic technology controls algae, biofilm and some types of bacteria by sending ultrasonic sound waves of several specific frequencies into the water, which control the algae by resonance and sound pressure.

LG Sonic XXL plus

By constantly innovating our product range and expanding our knowledge, we aim to keep our products and support to the highest standards possible so we can always meet to our clients expectations. Our newest updated product is the LG Sonic XXL plus. In this product, LG Sound shows the whole world how efficient, easy and environmentally-friendly ultrasonic algae control can be. Amongst others, the LG Sonic XXL plus thanks her quality to these technologies, used only by LG Sound

Low Power- Bright Signal Technology

We feel that the strength of a sound wave is not in the power you put into them but in their shape and transmission. The Lp-Bs technologyTM enables the LG Sonic® devices to send out a sound signal under optimal conditions. This makes it unnecessary to apply high power to obtain a long range. 

Dual Core-Multi Frequency technology

Controlling one type of algae in a water reservoir often means another type will have a better chance to grow. Therefore the LG Sonic uses the Dc-Mf TechnologyTM which produces multiple frequencies simultaneously controlling several algal species at the same time.

Our newest Sound Sensor is now being built in standard on all LG Sonic XXL plus models. This sensor makes sure the owner of the product is being warned by an alarm as soon as anything happens to the transducer or cable. Normally damage to the device under water can hardly be located, the LG Sonic Sound Sensor technology rules out all these problems.

Wastewater application

Often, wastewater is being treated for re-use as drinking water or for other purposes. As high levels of nutrition are available in these waters, algae may grow rapidly as well as other micro-organisms such as bacteria. Algae can compete for nutrients against the bacteria in charge of sludge reduction and can also clog complete systems. LG Sonic uses the newest ultrasound techniques to remove the threat of algae from wastewater treatment plants and reclaimed water reservoirs.

A research project executed by LG Sound (the producers of the LG Sonic systems) to study the effect of ultrasound in the treatment of wastewater was the Chem-Free project. This was a European project, which focused on the development of a chemical-free water treatment system for the treatment of (secondary treated) municipal wastewater. Chem-Free is a Co-operative Research Project (CRAFT) funded within the European Union (EU) 6th Framework Programme Horizontal Research Activities.

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