Innovations in Bench Testing of Waste waters

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Wastewater management in developing countries throughout the world is in a state of crisis. It is estimated that 2.6 billion people worldwide live without adequate sanitation. Resources are scarce, previous management systems have failed, and traditional techniques and solutions are not immediate enough, too expensive, or simply inefficient. Discussion with regards to OI Analytics Instrumentation used to analyze Wastewater from Oil and Gas Exploration that are sent to Tiger Tanks in La Brea, Trinidad, W.I.

OI Analytics is a subsidiary of Xylem (Formerly ITT) - using Eclipse 4660 for VOCs

Introduction - NIOSH Sampling Method to be used for testing Water and Wastewater

Type of Bench Testing Method used to study water:


  1. GC/MS with selective detectors *
  2. TOC
  3. TNb (total bound nitrogen)
  4. pH
  5. ACA (nutrients)

Specifically for study of waste water

1.Oxygen concentration (DOC/COD/BOD)

2. Conductivity

3. Turbidity

4. Microbial

5. Other special parameters – heavy metals

* Selective detectors:  ELCD, PID/FID, XS, PFPD, etc.

 Presenter at AHMP Conference in Anchorage, Alaska

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