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Innovations in Site Characterization


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This case study is the first in a series designed to provide cost and performance information for innovative tools that support less costly and more representative site characterization. These case studies will include reports on new technologies as well as novel applications of familiar tools or processes. They are prepared to offer operational experience and to disseminate information about ways to improve the efficiency of data collection at hazardous waste sites. The ultimate goal is enhancing the cost-effectiveness of defensibility of decisions regarding the disposition of hazardous waste sites.

Principle of Analytical Operation
Complete data analysis system for mass spetrometers, with complete report writing capability. This software uses mathematical algorithms to identify target compounds by deconvoluting their ion signals from non-uniform background interference signals contributed to the total ion current. Ion Signature quantitative deconvolution software accurately identifies and quantifies target compounds in the presence of high levels of interferences with minimal chromatographic separation.

Rate of Throughput
In this study, polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAH) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) were analyzed simultaneously employing '10 minutes GC run-time for quantitative results; less time for screening results.'

Cost Per Sample
'Use of the software reduced GC/MS run times by a factor of 2-4, which increased sample throughput, and thus decreased both direct costs (e.g., labor) and indirect costs (by decreasing turn-around time of results within the context of a dynamic workplan).'

Software Performance Information
The Ion Signature quantitative deconvolution software is capable of identifying low concentrations of target analytes in the presence of high levels of matrix interferences. By 'seeing through' the matrix interferences, the software reduces the need for sample re-analysis and dilution, and increases confidence in surrogate, internal standard, and target compound identification and quantification.

The complete EPA report compares Agilent's Chemstation/Enviroquant data analysis software and Ion Signature quantitative deconvolution software for soil samples from a hazardous waste site.

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