Innovative, effective, and environmentally sound solution: MBR wastewater treatment systems


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Over the past 10 years, MBR technology has advanced to become a serious contender to conventional wastewater treatment technologies, and is now considered a proven technology. MBR systems with submerged membrane modules offer two main advantages: A significantly improved effluent quality and a substantially smaller footprint.

Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) technology is a simple, yet effective combination of an activated sludge biological treatment process with membrane filtration. FII MicroClearTM membranes with pore size of 0.05 micron act as a physical barrier allowing the passage of clean water, while trapping suspended solids, bacteria, pathogens and certain viruses. The membrane filter eliminates the need for a secondary clarifier and for tertiary filtration. The MBR supports a high biomass concentration, as a result reducing the required size of biological tanks; this in turn saves space and reduces overall construction cost. Overall, the MBR can reduce the footprint of a wastewater treatment plant by as much as 50%.

MBR is the sustainable solution for on-site wastewater treatment development

A significant driving force in the expansion of MBR in North America are new more stringent water quality regulations which dictate local stream-specific standards for surface water discharge. Additionally the need to reduce the footprint of such systems is another important driving force. Potential for water reclamation, which can be considered as a return of highly, treated wastewater to the natural environment including lakes and rivers, and reuse for landscape and agricultural irrigation, makes MBR technology attractive for developing decentralized, on-site applications.

FII MicroClearTM MBR Systems are designed specifically for small applications such as private households, condominiums, hotels, resorts, golf clubs, small villages and subdivisions. In many cases small private and public communities are located in environmentally sensitive areas such as conservation areas and parks near rivers and lakes. MBR systems can effectively meet any water discharge requirements.

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