Innovative energy efficiency technologies for Steyr wastewater treatment plant


Courtesy of ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group

The challenge: coping with increasing effluent in line with legislation

rHV Steyr, a community environmental association serving the city of Steyr (austria) and several neighboring villages, enlarged and modernized its sewage treatment facility to cope with the ever increasing requirements of more stringent legislation in the face of rising effluent levels and thus, increasing amounts of sludge. the city has benefitted from its experience in heavy industry and production of various commodities, always seeking the latest innovations and advanced technologies in order to streamline its business solutions.

Based on its history, it was not surprising to hear that rHV Steyr was looking for the best possible concept to implement its plans, given the following constraints:

  • increase sludge treatment capacity to handle a volume of 140,000 Pe (population equivalent)
  • controlled energy consumption
  • controlled operating costs (maintenance, polymer, and dumping over a period of eight years)

at the request of rHV Steyr, extensive independent testing was performed on both similar and different equipment, comparing multiple suppliers using the same technology. the ANDRITZ SEPARATION solution proved to be superior.

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