Innovative Filler Injection System for Powdered Recycled Urethane

Cannon has developed the equipment to meter and mix a three-component slurry. High-solidcontent slurry, obtained by blending ultrafine PU powder in non-catalysed Polyol as the carrier, is fed as a third stream at low-medium pressure to a mixing head via the axial port of the mixing chamber originally used for metering colour paste. The recycling kit, dedicated dosing unit, and mixing head can be added to any existing highpressure machine as a retrofit. This new technology not only gives to the producer the possibility to recycle pulverized PU; a number of solid fillers - such as graphite, melamine, alumina - can be fed and mixed into polyurethane “in line” as well. This paper describes the
results of the trials held in Cannon Afros Lab on flexible moulded foam containing recycled PU powder, in cooperation with Mobius.

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