Innovative flow control technology supports Australia’s programme for clean LNG


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Rotork flow control products have been selected for applications throughout the giant Queensland coal seam gas-to-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects in Australia. To date, Rotork's international sales network has received orders for more than 5000 valve actuators, embracing electric, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and gas-over-oil technologies.

The three projects - Queensland Curtis LNG, Santos GLNG and Australia Pacific LNG - are developing coal seam gas in Queensland's Surat and Bowen Basins. Hundreds of kilometres of pipelines will link the natural gas production wells on the Queensland mainland with a world-class LNG production plant under construction on Curtis Island, which will initially produce more than twenty seven million tonnes of LNG for export each year. These coal seam gas projects are centred on a clean and efficient energy source with half the carbon dioxide emissions of coal.

For the upstream mainland wellheads, HART enabled Rotork CVA modulating electric actuators have been ordered for process valve control at an eventual total of 2000 widely distributed sites.

In addition to the natural gas, CVA actuators will also control the flow on the extraction process for coal seam water. This resource will be treated for use by agricultural and industrial customers as well as supplementing domestic water supplies.

Among other advantages, innovative CVA electric actuation removes the expense of installing and maintaining instrument air supplies at these remote sites, where the pressure of the gas itself is too low to provide a viable source for actuator operation. CVAs are also preferred because electric actuation eliminates the release of any environmentally harmful gas into the atmosphere during valve operations.

Nearly 1000 Rotork Skilmatic SI and EH range electro-hydraulic actuators have been ordered for control valves, shutdown valves, wellhead skids and metering skids. These self-contained actuators combine the simplicity and convenience of electrical operation with the modulating precision of hydraulic actuation and the reliability of mechanical failsafe motion. Designed to SIL3 standards for use in safety critical applications, Skilmatic actuators are also programmable for partial stroke testing, enabling valves to be tested without interrupting routine processes.

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