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Innovative Injection Technique to Treat DNAPL in Granular and Fine Grained Matrices

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High Energy low volume pulses of a water based suspension of a unique treatment material (BOS 100) consisting of granular activated carbon that has been impregnated with metallic iron were employed to remediate DNAPL at a large urban industrial facility. Initially, injections were completed using conventional hydraulic fracturing and large portions of the dissolved phase plume responded to this technique. However, selected areas of the plume were resistant to this approach and it became apparent that an unknown source or sources were present. High resolution sampling demonstrated that localized thin seams of DNAPL impacted soils were present at several locations in the vicinity of the former TCE UST. Successful remediation of these impacts required surgical placement of treatment at fairly high loading. Deep soil mixing was evaluated however the estimated cost for this approach was prohibitive given the relatively small area of interest. A modified “jetting” approach was developed that allowed extremely accurate placement and mixing of injectate with impacted soil over a relatively thick zone. This effect was realized using a high flow, high energy pulse of a water based suspension of BOS 100.

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