Innovative mobile package wastewater treatment plants - Case study



DEVISE ENGINEERING SA has designed and engineered and is currently producing a new series of State of the Art Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plants by using MBR Technology. The effluent produced from these plants is suitable for many Water Re-Use applications including unrestricted irrigation, washing, WC flushing, industrial process water, etc.

Based on this innovative design, DEVISE is supplying to Qatar P.WA (Public Works Authority, through the reputable Contracting Company CCC/ACWA UAE -two (2) x 1.000 m3/d 'Mobile STP's' for multiple 'emergency' & 'short-term' uses around the country with the objective to re-use the treated effluent.

The Mobile STP (MBR) consists of the following units and treatment stages:

1. Automatic Pretreatment Stage
2. Aeration Tanks (Reactors)
3.  Membranes Bioreactor Tanks (MBR Tanks)
4. Machinery Room (Containerized Fully Automated)

DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. can supply such mobile units in many capacities ranging from 50 to 1,000 m3/d, while multiple modules can offer plant capacities up to 10,000 m3/day.

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