Innovative package solution for a wastewater reuse application in the island of Crete - Case Study


Courtesy of Courtesy of DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A.

DEVISE ENGINEERING SA has designed, engineered and is manufacturing a New Pioneering Wastewater Treatment Plant using 'Smart Packaged Solutions' in the touristic area of 'Gouves' for the Municipality of Hersonissos, Prefecture of Heraklion in the Island of Crete.

This Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant twill treat municipal sewage and produce high quality effluent water suitable for 'unrestrained irrigation' and other high quality re-use applications.

This very important for the area STP located in a coastal area of the Island of Crete is of one of the largest Packaged Type STP's in the region of South Europe & Mediterranean, with a capacity of up to 3,425 m3/d. The project is fully implemented using pre-fabricated Packaged Units comprising of:

1. Compact Pre-treatment Plant
2. Biological Treatment Units of Containerized form using the innovative DEVISE 'UltraClear' Technology a Hybrid method of [MBR] and [MBBR] Technologies.
3. Containerized Sludge Dewatering Plant

The guaranteed effluent limits are: BODs < 10 mg/l, TSS < 2 mg/l, NH4 < 1 mg/l,
TN < 15 mg/l, Total Coliforms CFU/100 ml_ < 2.

The construction of the STP is planned to be completed by end of October and be
fully operational by end of year 2014.

The design of this STP incorporates four (4) parallel treatment lines so it can achieve a wide variety of flow capacities in an efficient and reliable way that will serve the requirements of this Touristic Municipality which required flow ranges from 600 to 3,425 m3/d between Winter & Summer seasons.

The Plant is fully automated and controlled through an advanced SCADA system and it will be remotely monitored from DEVISE to ensure an on-line service over the 3-years operation period that is part of the contract.

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