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Innovative technologies for management of stormwater and combined sewer flows

Stormwater flows have historically been considered as harmless. Studies have shown that these flows cannot be dismissed as easily. Chebbo (1992), Marsalek et al.,(1997) and others have shown that stormwater is a source of diffuse pollution with a high source of total suspended solids (TSS), adsorbed hydrocarbons (HC) and nutrient loads (N, P, etc..). All these factors influence the quality of the receiving body of water. Since 1994, the USEPA has enforced stringent new rules concerning stormwater (USEPA, 1994). Some municipalities require the control of stormwater flows and perhaps, even, their treatment. This article presents novel technologies for the management of stormwater flows and how they can mitigate the impact on collection systems.

Municipal managers and operators of urban drainage systems are recognizing the importance of controlling and managing these flows in order to limit the damages of a rapid and important stormwater runoff. (Brière, 1994). In delaying or reducing the speed of the stormwater flows, it becomes possible to create additional retention volumes in the collection system and consequently limit the sewage overflow during storms.

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