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Innovative Water Solutions for the Food/Beverage Processing Industry

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With the growing international and local pressure, the Food and Beverage industry has to find new ways in its product development as well as minimizing costs and health risks. Sustainability has become an important issue in the evolving Food and Beverage industry. Companies are being required by industries and government agencies to better utilize their water consumption to minimize their environmental footprint.

Water is an integral process in this industry, whether it is in the production process, used for refrigeration, steam production or cleaning operations. Therefore, it is very important that this industry has clean safe water that meet standard for process water. Companies within this industry will also look to re-utilize the water used in their process water applications potentially for other processes.

In addition to this process water, wastewater treatment processes should be engineered and designed to effective and scalable to control health and environmental issues.

Genesis Water Technologies Inc. provides specific solutions for:

Poultry Operations

General Food Production


Breweries / Distilleries

Meat Processing

Processed Foods


Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. can provide sustainable, innovative water and waste water treatment solutions that are designed to meet the specific water challenges of companies in the food/beverage industry.  

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