Innumerable Benefits of Choosing Carpet Washing Systems from Leading Suppliers

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Whenever people make a purchase, their primary concern is the quality of the product. This is true in the case of almost anything you purchase, be it footwear, electronics, clothing, food, or home furnishings. Quality does matter. Turning to reputed brands while making major purchases, such as carpet shampooers, is therefore sensible. The best quality rug washing systems offer an entire range of benefits in addition to excellent cleaning power. Here is a brief look at some of those benefits:

  • Rugged construction: Whether your carpet cleaning equipment is a commercial or industrial version, it is imperative that it should be constructed of high-grade components and housing materials. For instance, look out for carpet shampooers with stainless steel boilers rather than low-quality aluminum boilers. In addition to guaranteeing durability, the solid build will ensure minimum maintenance issues and complete user safety.
  • Heated and non-heated versions: Carpet shampooers that eject cold water are suitable for routine carpet maintenance applications. If your tasks are more demanding, then it is best to choose heated versions that eject moisture at temperatures of up to 210ºF. Hot moisture instantly dissolves dirt buildup and simplifies the extraction functions. However, you must check cleaning instructions before using a heated rug washing machine on delicate fibers.
  • Commercial and industrial machines: Carpet maintenance applications and requirements in commercial settings are entirely different from those of industrial environments. For this reason, you must buy moderately-powered, commercial rug washing machines for use in commercial areas, such as retail stores, restaurants, and offices. To maintain vast, carpeted areas in industrial settings, choose powerful, industrial versions featuring adequate pressure levels, extraction functions, and high temperatures.
  • Low flow cleaning: Carpet shampooer machines from leading suppliers feature low flow technology that limits water consumption. By utilizing very low volume of water for cleaning, these carpet cleaning machines eliminate the risk of water wastage and consequent EPA fines. The low flow technology of rug cleaners also ensures faster drying of carpets in about one to six hours.
  • Portable configurations: When it comes to maintaining large, carpeted areas, you must be equipped with portable, walk-behind and box-type carpet steam cleaners. Such versions are easier to maneuver and transport.
  • Unique functions: Commercial portable carpet cleaners available from leading distributors now come equipped with adjustable temperature settings, so that you can set the right temperature for different carpet types. There are also dual function carpet cleaning machines that can be used to maintain both carpets and hard surfaces. These rug cleaners are great for maintaining hard surfaces, such as vinyl, marble, concrete, tiles, and linoleum.
  • Attachments and accessories: The best carpet steam cleaners feature lots of standard and optional attachments designed to enhance the cleaning action of the machines. For instance, the 4-inch upholstery wands help maintains upholstered surfaces and vehicle interiors. These attachments also help reach some inaccessible spots.

The benefits of purchasing carpet shampooers from leading suppliers are almost endless. Visit the websites of major suppliers, to choose the right version of the commercial carpet cleaners for your applications.


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