Insertable Valve Network Provides OngoingSolution to Water Loss


Courtesy of ADS Environmental Services

Orange Cove, CA - As the only city in Fresno County that is completely dependent on surface water, the City of Orange Cove had 40% unaccounted for water loss when Bill Little, former City Manager returned to Orange Cove to address the community’s growing water problems...
“Our goal is to reduce unaccounted for water loss in Orange Cove down to 3% - 5%,” explained Little. “In a city with an old system and a high turnover there are no records or documentation to facilitate the management of the system. If we had a leak in a water main we had to shut the whole town down. We needed a solution that would allow us to make line replacements while the system is hot, rather than shutting it down.” The City was also running into numbers of repair issues with their sixty-year-old system. They needed full control of the water throughout the system to be able to make the repairs without disrupting service to the community. It was determined that all the existing lines in the alleys needed to be replaced. This would require 68 tie-ins and, without the Hydra-Stop solution, approximately four hours of shutdown per

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