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Inspection that took 5 months now completed in a single day


Courtesy of Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand

Pure Technologies completes longest single day pipeline inspection to date using PipeDiver® technology.

From the Colorado town of Buena Vista, the views of the distant Rocky Mountains are deceptively stunning. Up close, the terrain is hilly, inhospitable and extremely remote. With no roads and little access, this is helicopter, snowmobile and 4-wheel-drive country. As might be expected, the logistics of inspecting a water pipeline that runs through this unforgiving territory makes the inspection extremely time consuming and hazardous for everyone.

For the Homestake Water Project, the manned electromagnetic (EM) inspection that previously shut down the critical 44-mile (77 km) pipeline for at least one month annually over five years, was now completed in one day, thanks in part to an enhanced PipeDiver® EM tool developed by Pure Technologies.

From 5 months using tradition dewatering and manned entries to a single day. Now that’s progress.

“Amazing,” said Tom Hankins, Supervisor for Homestake Water Project, in describing the Otero pipeline inspection run. “With the PipeDiver tool travelling through the pipeline at three feet per second, we can do what we previously did in five months, [over a five-year period] in just one day…”

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