Inspections: the role of the CARACAL and the Enforcement Forum


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Let's start the New Year by informing you about two of major groups that work in collaboration with the European Commission and ECHA, or CARACAL, the Committee of Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP, and the FORUM, or a forum for the exchange of information inspection.

The CARACAL was founded in 2004, to change then its name in 2009 in the actual one.

The goal of this group is very important to collect the experts of the various Competent Authorities in Europe, some observers states of non-EU states, and experts from non-governmental organizations and international.

The Forum came into being within ECHA to collect information and opinions on the various national programs of inspection and find a common line of work.

The group CARACAL is consulted on various issues and regulatory interpretations.

Among these there are also preventive actions and the analysis of the new legislative issues through specific working groups. The Forum holds meetings two / three times a year to make common decisions on the enforcement Europe.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that the Competent Authority for inspections in Italy is the Ministry of Health, which organizes the inspections according to National Plan Annual inspection activities. These checks are carried out by 'government and agencies of the State and the regions and autonomous provinces' (as defined in the State-Regions of 29 October 2009). The Ministry of Health is also working with the Ministries of Economic Development and the Environment.

No private company or consultancy is then authorized to make such inspections, which are the exclusive preserve of state and regional inspection bodies.

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