INSPIRE Metadata Survey Results


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This report summarizes the outcomes of a survey organized by the European Commission DG Joint Research Centre in Spring/Summer 2006 on the current availability and characteristics of online metadata for data sets. This was the first of a regular series of surveys to be undertaken in order to monitor change in practice and uptake of the INSPIRE implementing rules on metadata over time.

The metadata survey was administered to all the Legally Mandated Organizations (LMOs) and Spatial Data Interest Communities (SDICs) that have registred on the INSPIRE web site to participate in the preparation of the INSPIRE implementing rules. In total, 68 SDICs and LMOs answered the survey providing information on 120 metadata holdings. The response rate for the survey was 26%.

The survey revealed that almost 80% of the metadata holdings are operational and 76% are accessible through the Internet. Some 60% of all metadata holdings allow users to both search and browse metadata.
Regarding standards followed, 65% of metadata holdings follow ISO standards (19115, 19119, 15836) to document their resources.

As far as the standards to encode metadata are concerned, the survey showed that more than half of the respondents currently follow some type of data standards, of which the majority are ISO standards (19139, 19115).
With respect to the catalogue service standards, the survey analysis shows that OGC standards are applied to 39% of all metadata holdings. Where catalogues are used, the SOAP and HTTP protocols are the most popular for metadata search.

The majority of metadata holdings are in one language, and only 11% are in more than one. The user interfaces can work in multiple languages in only 18% of cases, while the majority (66%) operates only in one language.

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