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Installation SorbiCells municipallity of Alkmaar - Case Study


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Installation SorbiCells municipallity of Alkmaar



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Eijkelkamp Soil & Water


The Netherlands

Background to constructing a monitoring network

Because of earlier land use and ignorance, a large Fleeting OrganoChloride (FOCL) pollution came about in the soil of an industrial sector in the city of Alkmaar. Taking samples of this pollution is done by hand but results often differ as a result of streaming groundwater. Because of this we’re left with a few cases where accurate measurements were impossible and thus remained unable to determine how much pollution was actually there. Wareco chose to use a passive way to retrieve samples, in this way both high and low concentrations of pollution are sampled. It is important to determine the amount of pollution to see if intervening is necessary. For this passive way of sampling, SorbiCells were used.

SorbiCells are placed in PE tubes and are lowered to the right dept using extra weights. Because of the pressure in the groundwater, water will flow through the SorbiCells into the tube. The Chemical composition is “caught” in the SorbiCell. By using counterweights, SorbiCells can remain in place up to several weeks. The values that are measured are the average amount of pollution caught in the SorbiCell during a predetermined amount of time.

How did Eijkelkamp make the difference?

In total, Eijkelkamp Soil & Water delivered 10 SorbiCells and installed 5 of them on location. In addition, Eijkelkamp Soil & Water provided the suspension mechanism, making sure everything is kept securely in place.

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