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Installation Steps of Sanitary Ball Valve

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The sanitary ball valve uses a special molding process to allow a dense sealing surface to achieve zero leakage. Its sphere and shank are fused as one to remove the valve stem from pressure due to pressure changes within the possibility of pressure pieces and, therefore, achieve the fundamental guarantee of safety. It uses a full metal hard welding process that is resistant to strong corrosion. It has a hard metal seal in the ball valve with a high chemical stability, which is suitable for any corrosive chemical medium.

 Encapsulated Sanitary 3 Piece Ball Valve with ISO 5211 Mounting Pad, Manual Type

It uses the floating ball valve structure with a full pitch over the meta-leakage pressure range, to facilitate the piping system in the sweep line and the pipeline maintenance. The ball of a sanitary ball valve is floating. Under media pressure, the ball may produce a certain displacement and tighten the sealing ring at the outlet end to ensure that the outlet end is sealed. Therefore, it belongs to a single-sided forced seal. So, what are the installation steps of a floating sanitary ball valve?


1. After the preparation of the ball valve in the above pipe and the rare pipe, both must be coaxial and the sealing surface of two flanges must be parallel. The pipe must be able to support the weight of the sanitary ball valve. Otherwise, the pipe must be equipped with the proper support.

2. Bleed the pipe before and after cleaning the pipe, clean the oil pipe, weld slag and all other impurities.

3. Check the sanitary ball valve flag and identify it intact. Open and close the valve completely several times to confirm normal operation.

4. Remove the sanitary ball protective valve member at both ends of the flange.

5. Check the valve hole to remove any dirt and then clean the valve hole. Even small particles of foreign matter between the seat and the ball can damage the sealing surface of the seat.

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