Installation TOXcontrol at River Rhine intake


Courtesy of microLAN B.V.

The Water works Amsterdam takes surface water from the Rhine at the location Nieuwegein (the Netherlands) for the
production of drinking water. The water quality of the Rhine can fluctuate due to the input of effluents from SWTP (22
million people are living in the catchment area), and due to agricultural and industrial activities along the Rhine. This is why the Water Works Amsterdam operates an extensive Early Warning System (EWS), including chemical (e.g. GCMS, LCMS) as well as biological systems: fish, daphnia, algae and now also bacteria.

The light bacteria Biomonitor: this completely automated system uses freshly cultivated light emitting bacteria (Vibrio
fischeri) as a biological sensor. By measuring the light loss in the prepared sample compared to a control sample (drinking water), the toxicity of the sample can be measured.  Pollution in the sample intensifies the loss of light in the
bacteria. By using freshly cultivated bacteria in the specially designed Bioreactor, the performance is comparable to e.g.
the Microtox TM (using freeze-dried bacteria) according ISO 11348 - 3.

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