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Installing a bottom liner in Lelystad Project - Case Study


Courtesy of Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv

Trisoplast is suitable for a wide range of subsurfaces, however huge, endlessly long or bumpy! The project at Zeeasterweg in Lelystad was all of the above. We laid a bottom liner under a waste disposal site of no less than 95,000 m2. Phase 2, another 51,000 m2, was completed in 2018.

The refuse station at Zeeasterweg is where Lelystad’s businesses and residents go to dump their waste. In 2008, to ensure its continued operation in the future, NV Waste Management constructed a new disposal site of 95,000 m2. Trisoplast was used to seal the floor of the site and prevent soil contamination. This was an improvement on the sand-bentonite layer that was used before. Thanks to its better sealing properties, flexibility and high chemical resistance, Trisoplast was the preferable alternative for this situation, not in the least because it is so easy to install in many conditions, which in this case involved very bumpy terrain indeed.

Made-to-measure solution
The method of installing the Trisoplast was also unusual. Small ditches crossed the site every 15 metres (these would later become leachate drains), and the Trisoplast had to be installed in these too. Despite the unusual working method, we were able to install a high-quality barrier quickly and professionally. A good example of how Trisoplast can be made to measure to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

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