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Installing and Gluing Flexible PVC Pipe

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Installing and Gluing PVC Flexible (Flex) Pipe

In order to get a proper bond and create a full, permanent seal when installing PVC Flex Pipe we have several suggestions. If you abide by these simple instructions you can minimize problems, leaks, and system failures!
  1. Ensure the pipe is clean and dry. Wipe away any dirt or dust and water.

  2. Use a PVC Primer on the pipe and in the fitting that the pipe will be glued into. The primer etches the surface of the PVC pipe, removes the shine, and exposes the pipe that will be glued.

  3. Select a Flex PVC glue APPROVED for flexible PVC pipe. Other glues just will not hold up under stress or pressure. Apply it to the pipe AND the fitting on which the primer was applied.

  4. Wait several seconds for the glue to soften the PVC before putting the flex pipe into the fitting. This allows the glue to react with the surface of the pipe.

  5. Slide the flex pipe into the fitting and hold for several seconds as some fittings are slightly tapered or the friction created when inserting the pipe may cause it to back out. This pressure will hold the two together.

  6. Newly glued joints, fittings, and pipe should be allowed to set for at least 24 hours prior to use.

  7. Be sure to secure the pipe after install to minimize vibrations, stress from weight, and other potential damage.

One of the most crucial points that is often overlooked and which we repeat again and again is to ensure the PVC glue you select works with Flexible Pipe. Please feel free to contact us directly with your questions or call any of the major manufacturers and speak with their technical departments. Often times installers and retail stores are just unfamiliar with the technical considerations that set Flex Pipe apart from Rigid PVC Pipe.

Another consideration to be mindful of is that the maximum rated pressure for Flexible PVC Pipe is just that - The pressure to which the pipe has been tested to safely operate at. This number can be in excess of what your fittings or the glue will hold. It is important that for high-pressure systems you contact your pipe manufacture to ensure you are using the correct fittings, glue, and version of flexible pipe. If you purchase our Red Flag Products Flex or Ultra Flexible PVC Pipe from our website we have the ability to test your pipe, fittings, and glue to assist you in making the correct selection.

By abiding by these suggestions you may prevent leaks, blowouts, and faulty systems unable to withstand the test.

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