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Instek LTM Probes provide faster response times and superior pulp level monitoring

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Do you need reliable signals with accurate pulp level detection, low maintenance costs AND simultaneously increase your recoveries?

Instek Control LTM products provide superior pulp-level interface monitoring through the benefits of conductance technology and advanced digital signal processing logic. Ideal for monitoring froth or foam covered process cells, tanks and sumps, the LTM probe precisely monitors slurry and pulp interfaces, providing improved level measurement — increasing process control, oftentimes with dramatic improvements. The LTM Probe provides 10 signals per second which for all practical purposes is instantaneous, precise measurement. This allows faster process response times for pump sumps and process equipment.

Key LTM-2 features include:

  • Customized lengths from minimum 50 millimeters (2 inches) to 3,000 mm (9.8 feet) in length
  • Measurement range of 50-3000 mm possible
  • 316 stainless steel rod, 304 stainless steel adaptor and head
  • IP 69K-rated protection class
  • Response time < 100 milliseconds
  • Resolution is500 mm length
  • Linearity < 1.0% of rod length
  • Can operate in slurries and pulps up to 140° C (284° F)
  • Probe measurement is accurate to 1 μS meaning probe is robust with scaling andsolids buildup
  • Ideal for adhesive and pasty fluids

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