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Insufficiently Filled solution - Plastic Injection Molding Defects Solution


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Plastic Molding Defects Solution For Insufficiently Filled:

* Use plastics with low viscosity and sound fluidity or adjust prescription of plastics and reduce viscosity of melt.

*Improve barrel temperature, increase injection pressure,raise melt temperature to reduce viscosity, and improve plastication quality.

*Improve mold temperature and uniformity, raise nozzle temperature and properly set cold-slug well.

*Increase dimension of the runner and gate and properly set gate position to avoid overlong flow during filling and overlarge loss of pressure when the melt enters cavity.

*Properly design mold exhausting scheme and change number of position of gate as well as position of parting line when necessary to achieve sound exhausting effect.

*Select proper injection machine and correctly adjust screw injection stroke to ensure sufficient actual quantity of injection;meanwhile, it should be ensured that the melt stored in the plastication room at the front of the screw can perfectly transmit pressure.Check the plastic raw material in the hopper of injection machine in due course to see whether it is sufficient.

*Increase injection pressure, injection rate and the filling power of melt;meanwhile, check whether the non-return valve on the screw is damaged to avoid pressure caused by the counterflow of melt as well as loss of melt during inejction.

* Improve structure of plastic parts and design of wall thickness, reduce complication of structure,improve resistance during the melt filling stroke.

So high quality plastic products not only need high quality moulds with perfect design for  feeding system, cooling system…, and high production efficiency injection molding machine,but also need a fine solution…

We know how can help you making the high production capacity molds with long service life, suggest you the high production efficiency injection molding machine, and our moulds mass production simulation process ensure the moulds operation normally without any problem, at the same time will show your the best injection molding machine set up to make out the perfect plastic products.


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