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Insurer Uses Telematics to Defend Policyholder Liability Claim in UK First

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A UK court has used telematics data in a landmark case, ruling that a driver should not be held liable for a car accident.

The case concerned a collision, for which the third party claimed fault lay with the Insure The Box customer.

During the trial at Wandsworth County Court a judge heard evidence from both parties who each gave a very different version of events.

Telematics data from the customer’s car provided compelling evidence to challenge the third party’s version of events. According to information published by the insurer, the third party alleged that the incident had occurred in a place and at a time not consistent with that alleged by the policyholder.

Analysis of the telematics data led to the Judge dismissing the third party’s version of events as implausible, inconsistent and dangerous.

The Microlise Safety Module and Incident Data Recorder

At Microlise we have developed our Safety Module to capture significant levels of detail which could also be admissible in court in such cases.

The option to deploy cameras and an Incident Data Recorder enable a detailed insight into what was happening 30 seconds before and after an incident.

By monitoring the speed, direction, accelerator position, braking, ABS status, gears, cruise control and clutch; a complete overview of what happened immediately before and after an incident happened becomes available.

Benefits Include

Reduce Insurance Costs – Given the extensive information available, insurance premiums can be reduced in the long term. As already heard, courtroom payouts can be avoided by proving when drivers are not liable.

Reduced Accident Rates – Telematics allows for very precise, pertinent and accurate data to be available when an occurs. Understanding driving performance through using this data allows drivers to be nurtured to reduce the likelihood of accidents happening in the first place.

Protect Drivers – Having accurate and detailed data on hand means it is harder for false claims to be made.. The real facts will be available after any incident, meaning false claims can be identified early and appropriate action taken. Third party drivers may also be more wary to submit bogus claims.

Expedite Claims Process – Following an accident, data can also be filed quickly with the authorities and your insurance company. That frees up time to spend it more effectively on other tasks.

Evidence of Near Miss Incidents – Drivers may not always report near miss situations for a range of reasons. The incident data recorder assists with the identification of drivers more at risk of accidents and helps identify potential accident blackspots.


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