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Integrate noise measurements into your existing Process Monitoring and Control Systems.


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The ZE:908 is a small and lightweight power supply and acoustic conditioning unit for the Cirrus MV:200 microphone preamplifiers and MK:170 Outdoor microphone units.

Many industrial plants have a variety of process sensors strategically placed around their site so that safety, environmental impact and efficiency can be monitored and managed, in real time, from one or more control rooms.

The ZE:908 is also ideal for use as a frontend for data logging and analysis systems where a simple and accurate acoustic input is required and as an interface between an acoustic transducer and a process monitoring system.

A range of input options 

The ZE:908 can be used with either the Cirrus MV:200 microphone preamplifier or the MK:170 outdoor microphone. The MV:200 is a standard 1/2” unit that can be used with any of the Cirrus Class+ microphone capsules, allowing the input to be either Class 1 or Class 2 with a choice of frequency limits and noise floors.

The MK:170 is a compact outdoor microphone that provides weather protection for the microphone capsule and allows for noise measurements to be made outdoors over short periods.

For long term outdoor noise measurement, the MK:427 NoiseSensor is the ideal solution and provides full weather protection and automatic calibration capbilities.

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