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Integrated condition assessment for Navy system of systems

Although the US Navy has made great strides in integrating technology to monitor and assess the condition of sub–systems, little is understood about how to fuse this data in order to construct a higher level awareness of the ship's overall readiness or current state. Drawing upon systems theory and systems–based approaches, we identify principles of hierarchy, control, suboptimisation, and satisficing as critical propositions for fusing integrated condition data and propose the viable system model as a hierarchical construct for managing the complexity of fusing integrated data into higher level awareness. This research resulted in the development of a system–level decision process that represents the underlying process of maintaining awareness of system level condition. We feel that further study is needed to fully realise the potential of using the a system–level decision process in integrating data for condition–based assessment and suggest avenues of research in calculating system reliability in managing both aleatory and epistemic uncertainty resident in the system.

Keywords: system of systems engineering, SoSE, education, Navy system of systems, USA, United States, systems theory, integrated condition assessment, system level condition, system reliability, uncertainty

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