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Integrated Water Management in Senegal


Courtesy of Wetlands International

This past June the Wetlands International Supervisory Council met for the first time in Senegal where they made field visits to a number of sites, including the Ndiael Special Avifauna Reserve.

The Ndiael area, a complex wetland of great value in the Sahelian zone of Africa, has over the last decades been degraded due to the diversion of water supplies upstream. The reduced water flows and gradual desertification have greatly reduced the natural values including internationally significant waterbird populations. This has also devastated local livelihoods as fisheries and grazing for livestock have declined and now severe water shortages and health problems are causing local communities to struggle for survival. However, there is hope. Wetlands International along with its partners in the Ecosystem Alliance and Ndiael Inter-Villager Association (AIV) are working on re-flooding this area in a project titled, Contribution to the restoration of the Ndiael Reserve.

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