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Integrating water resources management

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The intention of this book is to showcase some of the most interesting aspects of IWRM in relation to the development and adoption of strategies and methodologies. Other related publications provide additional insights, see for example, the STRIVER website (www.striver.no) and the edited collection by Gooch and Stålnacke, (2010) on the Science-Policy-Stakeholder Interface. The point of departure for the STRIVER project was the lack of clear methodologies and problems in operationalising IWRM, as pointed out by both scientific and management communities and as referenced within the book.  as the management of the difficult steps between IWRM as a concept, and IWRM in practice. STRIVER’s key aim was to use an interdisciplinary approach, to both assess and implement IWRM, whilst constantly recognizing the need to engage stakeholders within the research. The complexity of the issues addressed within the STRIVER project meant that the project needed to engage with experts from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.   The project team was therefore made up of a full spectrum of scientists that represented both natural science and social science disciplines, including law, political science, economics, hydrology and engineering.As important as the need to ensure a range of disciplines was the need to encompass a range of backgrounds and experiences.  The project team thus encompassed universities, private research institutes, governmental organisations, civil society organisations and international policy organisations; from Europe, South Asia and South-east Asia.  This representation of a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds was complemented by an advisory board of leading experts and institutions – academics and practitioners in issues related to water resources management.  In addition, a strong emphasis on stakeholder interaction, as described in more detail below – supported the objective of ensuring that a wide range of perspectives were taken into account during the design and development of research activities.

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