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Integration of EcoDesign in the early steps of the innovation process

EcoDesign is not easily fitting in the Innovation process, mostly owing to the dedicated time and resources required for learning and applying the EcoDesign–related knowledge when fast decision–making is occurring in early stages of product development and as there is only a low level of information on the new product to be made. In this paper, we propose a way to integrate EcoDesign in the early steps of the innovation process, while taking into account available processes and tools. A pre–assessment–based approach is brought using product typology, flow study and internal Functional Analysis (FA). We illustrate our proposition with an example on a new heating appliance design. Using this case study, we show how the innovation requirements could be met and how standard tools can be employed along the product development phases (Idea Management, Feasibility Assessment and Time To Market).

Keywords: LCA, life cycle analysis, ecodesign, innovation process, design tools, hybrid, pre–assessment, product typology, design for environment, DFE, heating appliance design, product design, product development, ideas management, feasibility assessment, time to market

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