Intelex enhances software solution with powerful new 5.1 release

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TORONTO—In the spirit of its commitment to ongoing innovation and continual improvement, Intelex Technologies Inc., a global provider of environment, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software solutions, is proud to announce Intelex 5.1, the latest version of Intelex’s industry-leading software.

Featuring significant platform enhancements, a suite of new Power Tools, new modules and much more, Intelex 5.1 is the most powerful, versatile version of Intelex’s pioneering software.

“We are excited to bring the potential of our system to a whole new level with Intelex 5.1,” says Mark Jaine, President and CEO of Intelex. “We are dedicated to constantly improving our software solutions to provide our clients the highest possible level of functionality, configurability and performance.”

Some of the many enhancements and new tools accompanying the 5.1 release include:

  • Platform and Reporting Updates: With the 5.1 release, the Intelex platform has undergone its most significant overhaul yet. With improved data import capabilities, custom email template editing and an array of other customizable features—not to mention faster report and dataset generation times—Intelex 5.1 puts more power and control in the hands of the user. Also, users are now able to customize colours on charts and scorecards as well as add unique graphics and logos to the system.
  • Power Tools: The new Power Tools Suite takes Intelex’s commitment to configurability to a whole new level. With components designed to unleash hidden potential within the Intelex platform—including the Custom Data Set Builder, the Audit Trail Module and the Open Pass API—the Power Tools Suite unlocks the hidden potential of the Intelex system.
  • New and Improved Modules and Suites: Intelex’s family of EHSQ and Business Performance Management solutions has expanded with 5.1’s addition of an array of new and significantly enhanced modules and new suites, including Refrigerant Management, Checklist Builder, Training Quiz Builder, Air Emissions (including GHG) Management, Waste Management, Wastewater Management, and Environmental Sustainability Metrics as well as the Environmental Compliance Suite and the Power Tools Suite. Also, more than 100 improvements have been made to Intelex’s existing modules and Intelex’s powerful iForms® tool has been upgraded to feature enhanced integration and task management capabilities.

“While the entire 5.1 release represents the most significant upgrade to the Intelex platform to date, we’re particularly excited about the Power Tools Suite,” says Bevin Lyon, senior product manager at Intelex. “This set of innovative tools really puts a whole new level of configurability and control into the hands of Intelex users.”

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