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Intelligent transport system for developing countries

Over the years, traffic volumes on roads have increased considerably. Henceforth, traffic congestion continues to worsen producing longer commute times, increased energy consumption and air pollution, besides robbing people of a precious commodity-their time. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have emerged as a worldwide solution to handle these problems. Like any other transportation system, building a good intelligent transportation system requires considerable planning and financial resources. Developed countries like USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Australia and Germany, which have embarked upon ITS, do not have scarcity of funds and framework. But developing countries, which face considerable financial and framework constraints, require ITS user services, which are cost effective, efficient and compatible with the present level of development in the country in the related areas. This paper tries to explore the existing ITS and possibilities for further applications of ITS in these countries.

Keywords: ITS, intelligent transport systems, ATIS, advanced traveller information systems, information technology, traffic engineering, developing countries

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