Intellisenc Greenhouse Controllers for control of CO2, Humidity and temperature

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Optimum and accurate CO2 level is important for effective and efficient plant growing. Too much CO2 creates diminishing return on expense and too little fails to utilize your capital investment. Optimum control of all facets of the growing environment results in high productivity at less costs.

Plants need to be able to shed moisture to maintain their capacity to draw in nutrients from the soil. Sensing humidity and venting or dehumidifying leads to improved growth. Plants require less CO2 at night. A light sensor that enables CO2 generation only during daylight helps to better utilize CO2 and keep cost lower. CO2 generators often create higher temperatures leading to lower productivity. CO2 output limited to temperatures below 45C creates optimum growing conditions.

Tongdy Control Technology and Intellisenc have developed a line of CO2 controllers addressing these criteria toward maximizing your return on investment. We offer a range of controllers from the most basic CO2 On/Off unit to full feature models with complete growing environment monitoring and control. Controllers are available with light sensing and CO2, humidity and temperature control.

Features we offer include;

  • Accurate CO2 sensing
  • CO2, humidity and temperature indication and control
  • Real time growing condition feedback; LCDs, LEDs, and audible alarms
  • CO2 limited to daytime operation
  • CO2 limited to below 45C

The following models are available with features tailored to your specific growing application.

Tongdy Control Technology and Intellisenc introduce the F2000TSM-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Controller designed specifically for greenhouse applications. This unit has six easy to read LEDs indicating CO2 level. It is accurate and features a self calibrating 0-2000ppm range NDIR CO2 sensor, an On/Off control output and LED set points preset from the factory.

Alternately, the set points maybe ordered to customer's specifications or user adjustable with optional RS-485 communications. A touch-button controls the On/Off output. 24VDC/VAC powered. Power supply and analog outputs are available.

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