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Intensification of the chemical processes

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Application area of the ABC (new device by PC GlobeCore) at the intensification of the chemical processes is quite large. These reactions include an oxidation-reduction reaction particularly those reactions where one of the reagents is in solid phase. Device also intensifies a combination reaction which includes polymerization, polycondensation. In the vortex layer is actively proceed a substitution reaction for the reason of electrolysis on the ferromagnetic particles. ABC was used for the different processes of the displacement reaction of hydrogen from inorganic and organic compounds by metals. The vortex layer effectively applied for decomposition reactions (to decomposition of both solid and liquid substances).

In the course of investigations established that in the vortex layer (which is created by ferromagnetic particles coated by the polymeric enclosure) the oxidation process rate of some acids is increased in 30 times, in the layer of the nickel – in 150 times in comparison with the same process in the vane-type agitator.

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