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Intensifier of Technological Processes

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Magnetic Vortex Activator (Intensifier of Technological Processes) – ABC velocity layer machine is quill cylinder made from non-magnetic material. In the interior of intensifier locate non-equlaxial ferromagnetic particles. On the outside of intensifier locate inductor with the system of winding which create electromagnetic field. That field activate compound motion of particles and generate of them velocity layer in the operational space of the reactor.

Each particle move in line of field rotation at a rate which can obtain the rate its rotation. At the same each particle makes a processinal rotation around of its minimal axes at a rate about 110 turns per second.

During that process the particles rotates, encountes and radiates frequency oscillation of broad range like acoustic and ultrasonic (from dozens Hz to KHz with maximum 10-15 KHz).

In Intensifier of Technological Processes occur difficult reactions between ferromagnetic particles, fluids and process material. As a result we have intensification/activation of mixing processes, milling processes. Besides, these machines can be use like reactors.

Using of electromagnetic field energy is one of methods of improvement of the effectiveness of different chemical-engineering processes.

Differential peculiarity of Magnetic Vortex Activator is high relative productivity. In other words, at the smallest expenses of energy and resources we receive a good result.

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