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International Chlorine Header Project - Case Study


Courtesy of Fibrex Corporation


Client: Major chlor-alkali plant in the Middle East

General Scope: All four chlorine gas collection headers, each one 24” through 42” diameter, and all 54” diameter chlorine gas transfer duct from headers to chlorine coolers was installed in 1996. The service of this equipment was so successful that the client sole sourced Fibrex to replace the system in 2015……….representing a service life of 19 years.

Procurement: Original contract was received from the client. 2015 project was subcontracted through a Middle Eastern contractor who was required to purchase the system from Fibrex.

Resin & Laminate Construction: Hetron 197. All headers and duct incorporated a 0.500” (12.7mm) corrosion barrier. Customer specified a very conservative hand lay-up structural laminate rated for 50 psi.

Production Facts: Fibrex manufactured four 270 ft. long IntegraHeaders™. A total of 330 Integra-Nozzles™ were required. Over 700 ft. of 54” diameter gas transfer duct was required.

Special Project Notes:

  • Customer’s original specification in 1995 called for a 0.250” corrosion barrier but was changed to 0.500” at the recommendation of Fibrex.
  • Included in Fibrex’s original scope of supply were all steel support saddles, fasteners & gaskets and Teflon® bellows expansion joints.
  • Fibrex provided two fiberglass pipe QC inspectors during the installation of both the original and the 2015 projects to inspect all field joint connections by the customer’s contractor.
  • Due to shipping delays on the part of the client’s contractor, all material was required to be air freighted to the Middle East to meet the scheduled installation outage. See Seattle King 5 newscast (w/commercial)

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