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As the sense of environmental protection becomes popular, the copper scrap recycling industry turns into a hot spot. As for how to recycle and process copper scrap, there are mainly four methods.

The following parts of the text will introduce these means in details.
1.Cryogenic freezing method
U.S. patent 3,990,641 brings up cryogenic freezing method to separate the copper of the waste copper wire from insulation. The method is suitable for processing a variety of wires and cables. After being frozen, the insulation of wires and cables become fragile and later get separated from the copper by shock.
2.Chemical stripping method
This way is to use organic solvents to dissolve the insulation in order to separate them. This means can ensure us get high-quality copper wire, but the shortcomings are the difficulty in dealing with the solvent and the high price of that. The direction of development of the technology is to excogitate a low-priced and functional solvent.
3.Thermal decomposition
U.S. Patent 4040865 puts forward thermal decomposition to burn away insulation and get the copper. This method is too complex and needs a full set of equipments to complete the whole process.
4. Mechanical separation
This is a widely used method and is also the way I will focus on to introduce. It has two subbranches: Profile cut peeling machine processing method and Roller peeling machine processing method. The former is mainly applicable to thick cables and wire. The later is suitable for scrap wires and cables of same diameter. Our country have had the ability to produce such machines.Of them, the copper wire granualator of Amisymachinery is best. The features of this method have the following points:comprehensive recollection of copper and plastic, a higher level of comprehensive utilization.The output of copper does not contain plastic, reducing plastic pollution of the atmosphere during melting.The process is simple, easy to mechanization and automation

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