International Paints LLC - VOCs - Case Study


Courtesy of Biorem Technologies Inc.


Union, NJ — Operations management at International Paint LLC here reports dramatic savings in compliance costs for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, through replacement of a gas-fired thermal oxidation afterburner with a 3000-cfm,  combination biofiltration and carbon adsorption, “end-of-pipe” VOC removal system. They also report eased operational burden for VOC control, and improved internal air quality, through elimination of “greenhouse gas” and other afterburner emissions.

The SYNERGY™ system was designed, manufactured, and installed by Biorem Technologies of Guelph, Ontario, per 90% VOC destruction criterion provided by the plant. Consulting engineering services were performed by Environmental Engineering

Corp. of Madison, NJ, within their ongoing responsibility for state air quality permits for the site.

Combination biofiltration and carbon adsorption system at left replaced thermal oxidation afterburner, far right, which had replaced previous attempt to deploy carbon adsorption, second from right. Both the original carbon adsorption unit and the afterburner had become too cost-prohibitive and operationally burdensome

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