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International tire giant develop the Chinese market


Recently, the president of Pirelli Asia Pacific Berger said: 'in 2014, we will be built in Shandong Yanzhou Pirelli the world's largest manufacturing base from 2012 to 2014, we will invest $ 200 million in China, the world's largest automobile tire market.


Temptation by the broad prospects for the development of the Chinese tire market, the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and South Korea in more than 10 countries and regions tire companies scrambling to enter the Chinese tire market.

Current, Michelin in Shanghai, Shenyang factory annual production capacity totaling 8,000,000. In 2015, Michelin China's annual production capacity is expected to nearly 20 million.

In China, the Italian car tires Pirelli Group, carefully choose the location and experienced partners to focus on building its sales and service network to ensure that users enjoy high-end services, to a place in the fast-growing Chinese car replacement tire market.

The industry realized: This centuries-old Italian tire manufacturer being the strategic center of gravity shifted to China, began to push into the Chinese automotive replacement wheel rim market.

April 2010, Pirelli introduced to the Chinese market to its product line.

'We continue to deepen the understanding of the Chinese road conditions, and actively explore the Chinese tire market. Pirelli tires will win the honor in China.' Pirelli responsible people have vowed.

Pirelli plans to let Yanzhou factory to double production capacity by the end of 2014, to achieve an annual output of 10 million tires.

Korea Kumho Tire Co., Ltd. was established in Nanjing, Changchun tire factory.

Kumho annual production scale in China is now more than 30 million tires. Kumho official said: 'If you lose the Chinese market for transnational automobile tire company, there is no future. Services for Chinese consumers, it is our most important job. Kumho strive to become the first Chinese tire brand. We constantly improve Kumho Tire's share in the Chinese market. '

Bridgestone company to seek a higher level of development in the Chinese market breakthrough year in 2013.

Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is responsible for: Bridgestone Group has a global quality assurance system, on this basis, we have more detailed individual quality assurance standards developed in accordance with the characteristics of the Chinese market, the whole orientation to provide qualified products for Chinese consumers. '

Dominating the Chinese high-end tire market

Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear and Dunlop & P and other developed countries tire companies in China to set up wholly-owned enterprises or holding companies. These enterprises are dominated by high-end tire market in China.

Michelin Chinese products have been used more than 6 percent of the main high-end market.

The high-end tire market attached to a high-end car market, the vehicle market continues to import high-end models, causing consumers to gradually raise the awareness of the steel rims. Therefore, the ultra-high performance tire more and more Chinese consumers attention.

The market opportunity is the largest expansion of power. Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. president of Universal Yi said: 'all-round performance car tires for energy conservation, safety, comfort, fuel economy, durability, strong demand from the Chinese market. Tire demand proportion of energy conservation and environmental protection as China's market rising 100% tire green tires are Michelin is expected to be achieved by 2020. '

The findings of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce: the French Michelin occupies 70% share of the radial tire market.

In 2012, Bridgestone will be a lot of the combination of advanced technology to the concept of high-tech tire was introduced into China. Bridgestone tire universal access to the Chinese market, the high-tech environmental 'blockbuster' move.

Became chairman and managing director of Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. from July 2012 right Tianyu Long said: 'all of our corporate activities in pursuit of the highest quality in Chinese society, the concept of adhering to the highest quality, providing for car tires peace of mind. '

Bridgestone to accelerate the development of high-end tire products under strict quality management system to ensure.

Endanger China's tire industry safety

The tire industry is of strategic significance. No steel wheel rim, cars (especially armored vehicles) can not travel, aircraft can not take off and landing. The United States, Britain, Japan, France, Germany and other developed countries spare no effort to actively develop the automotive, aerospace and other industrial development of the tire industry. Tire production with the main raw material of rubber used by developed countries as the embargo of strategic materials.

In the fierce competition in the international market, China's automobile tire companies must learn to tire companies in developed countries, the establishment of a modern enterprise system as soon as possible, and enhance brand awareness, go all out to a brand name brand tree, growing in strength, improve influential.

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