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Internet as an empowerment tool in conflict zones: the case of Gaza

The proliferation of the internet has become an integral part of our daily life serving multiple purposes. The internet has become a major channel for education, business, communication and entertainment. The far-reaching potential of the internet has engaged researchers from various disciplines, e.g., psychologists, sociologists and computer scientists. While most research studying the impact of internet usage has assumed normal and stable conditions, our study attempts to investigate internet usage behaviour under abnormal conditions, specifically in the besieged conflict zone of Gaza Strip. This paper first introduces the purpose of the study, the methodology and the findings. We conclude with recommendations for policy makers on how the internet can be effectively utilised as an empowerment tool in conflict zones.

Keywords: internet, empowerment tools, social justice, Arab words, conflict zones, Gaza Strip, usage behaviour, internet usage, abnormal conditions, world wide web

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