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Interstate Products Inc. (IPI) has expanded its offering of water bladder tanks.  We have been busy as Interstate Products and have added manufacturers of Water Bladder Tanks (Pillow Tanks) to our full line of existing Interstate Products Water Bladders. The Portable line includes for Interstate clients fire-fighting and skinny water tanks among its quality products. In just the last few years Interstatea has been adding higher qulaity vendors for bladders Interstate has gone the next level in how we can serve you by eliminating factory slowdowns and increasing commuication and teamwork.

Interstate Products use of multiple water bladder pillow tank manufactures allows us to serve our customers better than ever.  IPI can expedite critical orders with our multiple manufacturing facilities.  Interstate Products can also custom manufacture water bladders to military spec and/or unique specifications. 

The Interstate water storage bladder tanks are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and uses.  Interstate Products Water Bladders are available from 100 US gallon bladders to 50,000 gallon bladders.  Contact us for larger sizes.  Interstate Products Water Bladders store potable and non-potable water for a wide array of users including:  Hospitals, Relief Agencies, US Military, Industrial & Environmental Companies, Farms, Utilities, Government Entities, Construction Sites, Individuals, Vessel Owners, Event Coordinators and many more. 

IPI water bladder tanks are collapsible, flexible pillow tanks that provide the ideal solution for temporary or long term storage of water and other aqueous applications. Manufactured using heavy-duty nylon coated geomembrane materials, our rugged and dependable water storage bladders are constructed by top manufacturers to Interstate Products’ strict standards of excellence.


IPI Water Bladder Pillow Tank Features include:

·         Compact, lightweight, portable design for durability and ease of use.

·         All Interstate Products bladder tanks are pressure tested and approved to exacting quality standards.

·         Only top quality, high grade materials are used for construction.

Accessories Available:

·         Interstate Products, Inc. Military Style packages.

·         Ground Mats

·         Repair Kits

·         Variety of connections


Notes from Interstate Products Inc on fuel and water bladders and it is Safety First.

·         Always consult with State and/or Local Authorities regarding restrictions for fuel bladder use in your area prior to deployment.

·         EPA Regulations require secondary containment for fuel when fuel bladders are deployed.

·         Fuel Bladders can be used for a variety of industrial and commercial diesel fuel, jet fuel and other fuel storage applications.

Discover the IPI difference where you will always find tremendous value, incredible selection and unequaled service with every product we sell. Our Water Bladders are available from Interstate Products Inc from multiple shipping points and manufactures.

You can view our Water Bladders & Pillow Tanks directly at:


About Us:
Since 1996, Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI) has become a global multi-brand supplier of quality environmental, storage, maintenance and safety product solutions to industrial, commercial, institutional, military, and various government organizations. Since its inception, IPI has experienced tremendous growth fueled by our commitment to continuously add innovative new products to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding and diverse customer base. In addition to being a leading provider of spill containment berms and flexible water and fuel bladders - pillow storage tanks – available in both standard and custom sizes, Interstate Products Inc also supplies a top of the line IBC and spill pallets, spill kits, outdoor drum storage, flammable safety cabinets and other safety cabinets, absorbents, material and drum handling equipment, storm water products. Additionally, IPI/ Intestate Products Inc, features water bladders and fuel bladders for storage from multiple vendors – available online or by contacting our knowledgeable sales representatives at 1-800-474-7294.

Information about these and other quality products can be obtained by visiting our company website at

Interstate Products differentiates itself with outstanding customer service and a wide array of top of the line manufactures in our key product lines to provide an optimum customer experience.  IPI has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry.

For more information, please contact Interstate Products Inc today at 6561 Palmer Park Circle Suite A, Sarasota, FL 34238 or call toll free1-800-474-7294 for domestic inquiries and 941-377-8610.