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Interview with Alessandro Carino, the expert of telescopic handlers


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BSL: Which is the most suitable model for someone who has never used Merlo telescopic handlers before?
A. Carino: Considering how long the arm is, the maximum weight to be lifted and of course the type of job for this kind of vehicle.

BSL: Aside from the main functions, which are the other functions (multifunctions) of telescopic handlers? Taking as example the telescoping handlers produced by MERLO and GENIE.
A. Carino: Mainly we have to distinguish two subcategories: fixed and rotating telescopic handlers. Besides the truck functioning with forks, they have different functions including those such as cranes, with a hook or a winch, the platform to lift people, and also a tow hook to move/ tow other non-motorized vehicles.

Genie GTH 2506 is the best fixed telescopic handler of its range as compared to other manufacturers. Thanks to its technical features and compact dimensions it can be used in very narrow spaces.

BSL: The Genie brand has an excellent reputation among its customers, in your opinion what are the most appreciated aspects of Genie telescopic handlers by customers ?
A. Carino: Surely the reliability of a brand as Genie, the efficiency and competitiveness of their vehicles on the market. The customer / end user chooses Genie because it’s a product with outstanding quality and performances able to meet the continuous variations of daily use.

BSL: How often are models updated with technologically advanced products?
A. Carino: Genie products are continuously updated in order to meet the needs of end users, especially in recent years, they are constantly evolving. Obviously not only the market needs require attention but also the “safety” issue is very important for builders who pay attention to convenience and serenity when working with these vehicles.

BSL: What Genie models are the most appreciated by customers?
A. Carino: In my humble opinion I think that the most popular models are the fixed telescopic handlers also called “compact” and some rotating models including GTH 1840 R.

BSL: In addition to the workshop services could you give us a few tips on how to protect the telescopic handler from cold / hot? 
A. Carino: To properly protect the telescopic handler you should use medium / high quality oils, regular replacement of filters and routine maintenance with periodic monitoring of the batteries and cooling medium.

BSL: Do you have any recommendations for a customer using it during winter?
A. Carino: In addition to the aforementioned controls you should check the status of antifreeze in the cooling medium and the consistency of the oils used at low temperatures.
Oil and water levels must be checked regularly on a daily basis while the routine maintenance should be performed according to the instructions given in the Use and maintenance manual.

BSL: But for those who buy a second hand telescopic handler what are the steps to extend the life of their vehicle?
A. Carino: Check the engine efficiency, the hydraulic system (check / replace tubes inside the arm) and the related pumps, the electrical system and of course the functioning of proper safety devices.

BSL: Do you have any recommendations in case of a failure?
A. Carino: After a proper diagnosis to identify the failure you should contact the authorized dealer for the spare part.

BSL: Talking about you what do you love most about Genie telescopic handlers and do you have a favourite model?
A. Carino: As for my company the most used range of Genie products are the fixed GTH 2506 telehandlers particularly compact and reliable thanks to their performances and technical features. Their small dimensions are a strong point for the end user because they can be used in small and narrow spaces.

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