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Intrinsically safe ultrasonic wind sensor

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The Gill Instruments Intrinsically Safe WindObserver™ is an ultrasonic wind sensor, developed specifically for use in hazardous areas and in particular for offshore applications. The sensor has no moving parts, utilising Gill Instruments’ advanced ultrasonic measurement technology to accurately monitor wind speed and direction.

Approved to EEx ia IIC T5, this ultrasonic wind sensor is a lightweight, robust unit, completely sealed and constructed in stainless steel. With a low start-up speed (0.01 m/s) and no moving parts, the Intrinsically Safe WindObserver™ exhibits significant benefits over standard cup anemometers, with no calibration or maintenance required.

Wind speed and direction data is provided via a RS422 or RS232 bi-directional link and the output may be configured by the user to provide a variety of communication formats, including a choice of units of measure and averaging periods. Sophisticated error checking and a fault reporting system are supplied as standard, ensuring the user's confidence in the reported data.

Gill Instruments is a world leader in ultrasonic wind measurement technology, with the largest range of ultrasonic anemometers available in the market today. For more information about the Intrinsically Safe WindObserver™, or to view Gill Instruments’ extensive range of wind sensor products please visit

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