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Introducing DuroTower — The industry’s first automatically adjusting whole plant air cleaning system


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For manufacturers and fabricators in many industries, dealing with airborne particulates as byproducts of processes such as grinding, sanding, and coating is a significant safety and operational challenge.

From dust settling on floors and products to potential long-term risks from worker exposure to respirable particulates, industrial manufacturers face an uphill battle with not only EHS compliance, but also the productivity and cost concerns that come with the quest for clean air.

While PPE, dust control methods, and permanent air filtration solutions can certainly reduce the impact of particulates, these solutions offer limited long-term benefit in improving overall productivity or reducing capital expense.

Enter DuroTower — an advanced air filtration system designed to improve air quality, increase productivity, and enhance performance in industrial facilities.

DuroTower is the industry’s first automatically adjusting air cleaning system that delivers significant energy savings by de-stratifying heat vertically — 10 times more effectively than overhead air cleaners.

DuroTower combines Downdraft and Air Revolver technologies to remove airborne particulates from industrial facilities to 1 micron. This is accomplished as the return scoops air at the floor, pulling particulate in a downdraft pattern. Meanwhile, the supply air is projected across the room with higher velocity to flood the surrounding space with clean air.

With a filter configuration that is 100% customizable and an intake and outlet designed for the most efficient air flow pattern in the industry, DuroTower can be adapted to a variety of whole-plant applications for Heavy & Light Industrial, Metal Fabrication & Welding, Textile Factories, Automotive Body Shops, and more, including:

  • Welding Smoke Control
  • Dust Control
  • General Ambient Air Cleaning
  • Odour Control (when combined with UV lights and carbon)

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