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Introduction and Price of Explosion-proof Ceiling Fan

Explosion proof ceiling fan
The ceiling fan is divided into industrial ceiling fan and decorative ceiling fan (called ceiling fan lamp abroad). Most of the domestic families and factories use industrial ceiling fan. Industrial ceiling fans play a major role in China. The main sizes are 1050mm, 1200mm and 1400mm (900mm and 1500mm ceiling fans are seldom seen in the domestic market).

Decorative ceiling fans are mainly used abroad (mainly in the United States, the U. S. government proposes to install ceiling fans in air-conditioned rooms) as an auxiliary electrical equipment for air conditioning. Decorative ceiling fans have beautiful appearance, often equipped with different colors and styles of wind blades and lighting, generally using remote control.

In use, decorative ceiling fan has lower speed and less air volume than traditional industrial ceiling fan, and can be reversed. Its main purpose is to regulate air flow. According to foreign reports, the use of decorative ceiling fans in air-conditioned rooms can save 15% - 35% energy than that without ceiling fans.


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Such products mainly include explosion proof ceiling fan, explosion-proof exhaust fans and explosion-proof axial-flow fans. The structure consists of an explosion-proof motor, an explosion-proof junction box, an explosion-proof speed regulating controller and a blade. Its rated working voltage is generally 380V, and its explosion-proof grade can reach Class II BT4.

Examples of explosion-proof signs
1. If the electrical equipment is Class II B flameproof T3 group, the sign is Exd II BT3.
2. If the electrical equipment is type II Safety-increasing type and the temperature group is group T2, the sign is Exe II T2.
3. If more than one compound type of electrical equipment is adopted, the main explosion-proof type is marked first, and then other explosion-proof types are marked. If the main body is equipped with class II C flameproof components, the temperature group is T4, marked Exed II CT4.
4. If the electrical equipment is dust explosion-proof and dust-proof T11 group. Sign: DIPDPT11.
Explosion-proof ceiling fans generally have explosion-proof signs, including explosion-proof exhaust fans and explosion-proof axial-flow fans and other products. And they can help ensure the safety of users to a certain extent, so they are very popular products.

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