Introduction of cash register software used in Fast food restaurant

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption towards the fashion industry and high quality requirements, thus the tea shop, this small, stylish way of doing business is getting more and more popular.

GANYU MAILONG cash register software management system for tea, coffee, bread, burgers, desserts and other fast food restaurants have good adaptability, which also support sticker / thermal label printing with simple and convenient operation, mature and stable performance, cost-effective, which owns great praise in the market.
GANYU MAILONG fast food restaurant cash register software features as following:

Interface is user-friendly, wizard-style design, easy to operate, efficient and safe

in business management-oriented, simple goal.
provide custom personalized desktop custom features, easy to operate.
business functions clear classification, use online help, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate. touch pos terminals
Perfect member (VIP) Management
Support for multiple classes of membership management, various forms of membership card discount promotions, support for a variety of different membership categories,Membership points, according to the points automatically upgraded membership discount level.
Support Member chains feature a card in hand, all the generic chain stores.
novel flexible Promotion Management
Support coupon promotions, like KFC coupons
support promotional specials, time special, limited edition specials, promotional gifts, excess rewards, bundling promotions, category brand specials, set the week by week and other special promotions, all promotions can only for members of certain or all members of staff .

Cash register software Front office features
Support Discount Management
Support hall to eat, takeaway management.
Support for graphical selection of goods.
Support shift inventory. one touch pos system
Support dual POS, POS combines dual promotional applications, streaming media, and more effectively enhance the brand image.
comprehensive wealth management settlement
Customer Settlement: Settlement Management for wholesale customers (buy large customers).
mall Settlement: the cost of providing and mall management, merchandise sales deduction rate management, and shopping malls provide basic data and settlement statistics.


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