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Iran SPIRAL COMPANY (ISCO) was established in 1991 East of Isfahan in the Segzi Industrial Zone at km 52 of the Esfahan – Naein Road. The aim was manufacture and supply of spiral welded line pipes for oil, gas and water usage.


·         Having two simultaneous production mills gives more flexibility and faster product delivery for multi- diameter orders.

·         A 13 Kilometers private railroad connects ISCO to the public railway network which facilities raw material and product transportation.

·         located strategically close to MOBARAKEH STEEL COMPLEX , which is the only supplier of hot rolled steel coils in Iran , ISCO minimizes transportation charges to it's own facilities.

·         It's location in the center of IRAN ensures most economic logistics charges for deliveries to customers throughout the country.

·         Polyurethane coating may be applied in a continuous and automatic coating line.


To obtain state-of-the-art production facilities, the factory has been equipped with two spiral pipe mills applying two different forming technologies from the well-reputed plant makers PRD, USA and HOESCH, Germany.

The main features of the ISCO plants can be summarized as follows:

·         Capability of producing pipes with diameters over 64 inch (1600 millimeters).

·         Pipe Length may vary from 6 to 18 meters.

·         The applied manufacturing process ensures min. out-of-roundness tolerances.

·         Using hot rolled steel coils rather than sheets or plates ensures most economic consumption of base material.  


·         Depending on the production mix the annual capacity can reach 120000 tons 

·         Possible manufactured diameters range from 16 (400 mm)- 120 (3000 mm) inches

·         Pipes can be manufactured in wall thicknesses from 4 - 25.4 mm

·         Hot rolled coils with X70 APL 5L processed

·         Up to 64 inch pipes are formed using a '' Three Roll Bending'' system.

·         ''External Cage'' system is used for forming pipes over 64 inches.

·        Inspection of spiral weld seam, Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and base metal with Ultrasonic Test.  (On-line)

·        Manual inspection of Skelp End Weld by Ultrasonic testing equipment. 

·         Hydrostatic tests can be performed with a max. test pressure 3000 psi for pipes up to 64 inch diameter.

·         Pipe ends may be beveled in-line up to 80 inch diameter.

·         Overhead cranes can handle max. loads of 50 tons of coil. Off-loading section as well as in the pipe yard.

·         The manufacturing lines can handle steel coils with max. 35 tons and max. 1850 mm width.

·         Inside and outside coating of the pipes is available


●  Depending on the production mix the annual capacity can reach 120000 tons

●  Possible Manufacture diameters range from 16 (400 mm) - 120 inches (3000 mm)

●  Pipes can be manufactured in wall thickness from 4 to 25.4 mm.

●  Hot rolled coils with X70 API 5L processed


Manufacturing Process of spiral Pipes in ISCO

Coil preparation: Coil ends are cut in the coil preparation machine which makes sure that only coils with straight and smooth ends will enter the pipe mill.

After opening, the coil passes through the leveler to optimize the flatness of the coil. To achieve the uniform strip width as outlined in the above formula, the coil edges are beveled and milled simultaneously in the edge milling machine. Considering the importance of proper weld joints, the strip edges will follow the following joint design scheme:

·         Double - Square - Groove Weld ( Suitable for strips with thickness more than 4 and less than 12.7 mm )

·         Double - v – Groove Weld (Suitable for strips with thickness more than 12.7 mm)


The main drive moves the strip to the forming unit. After achieving the desired diameter the inside and outside welding processes are performed. The pipe manufacturing and forming operations are completely automatic and operator independent.

Pipes will be cut to the desired length by plasma arc cutting technology. Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) using two electrodes (Tandem Arc) is applied as the welding process. After Leakage test by hydrostatic testing machine, which can handle test pressures up to 3000 psi and diameters of up 64 inch, the pipe ends are beveled.

The beveling angle complies with normal standards. Beveling in non-standard angles as per costumers orders is possible .After Passing inspection, pipes are weighed and prepared for delivery.

Production Lines
ISCO's Production Lines were designed by Hoesch, Germany and PRD,USA, respectively employing two different technologies, namely external cage forming versus free forming.

The welding method is Submerged Arc welding (SAW), which is an automatic process with very high quality output. These pipe mills can also produce steel quality up to grade X70 according to API5L standards.

To ensure the weld quality, pipes will be ultrasonic tested continuously by an in-line ultrasonic testing facility applying back pulse echo method. After Cutting the pipe to the desired length it will be pressure tested with test pressure being 1.5 times the target pressure to ensure proper pressure resistance. After Hydro test, both pipe ends are beveled and after final inspection and in-line weighing, pipes will be transported to the pipe storage area.
Quality Control

1. Inspection before production

·         Raw material inspection including, destructive and non-destructive testing of hot rolled steel coils, electrode, welding flux and coating materials.

·         Visual inspection of raw material including, hot rolled steel coils, electrode and welding flux.

·        Ultrasonic test of both ends of coils. (Customer's request)

2-Inspection During production

·         Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) will be prepared routinely

·         Actual coil thickness will be checked by ultrasonic equipment

·         On-line test for 100% weld seam.

·         WSP control

3-Inspection after production

·         Ultrasonic test of skelp and weld

·         Hydrostatic test

·         Mechanical testing of weld seam and pipe body including tensile, bending and impact test

·         Magnetic particle test, liquid penetration test and radiographic test.(customer request)

·          Inspection of coating including thickness and adhesion as well as Holiday detection

Certificates, credits and memberships in international Association

ISO 9001:2008 Certificates
ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 3834-2 Certificates

American Water Works Association ( AWWA)

American Welding Society  ( AWS)
Member of WQA

Head Office

No 21, Tohid 3 St., Khovardin Blvd., Shahrake Ghods, Tehran,  Iran

Zip Code : 14669 - 97511

P.O.Box : 14665 - 1119

Tel : +98 21  87144  - 88 37 74 67

Fax : +98 21 87 14 56 78  -  88 07 02 36

E-mail : /


Km. 52 of Esfahan-Naein Road, Isfahan, Iran

Zip Code : 81391 - 74479

P.O.Box : 81645 - 595

Tel : +98 312  647 20 40 - 5

Fax : +98 312  647 20 12

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