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Inventory of green house gases and other pollutants from the transport sector: Delhi

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Air pollution problems in Asia are increasing and air pollutants originating from urban area are recognized as increasing sources of pollution (Streets et al., 1999). According to World Bank and Asian Development Bank joint study of air pollution for 20 major Asian cities between 2000 and 2003 Delhi is the most polluted city of the Asia. ( The urban areas are considered the most polluted cities in the world in an air quality status point of view (CPCB, 2000; CPCB, 2001; TERI, 2001; Mitra and Sharma, 2002). Anthropogenic activities are the major source of air pollution, has increased in recent decades (Houghton et al., 1996). Air pollution from transport sector has also become a major contributor to increasing human health effects in Asia (Krupnick and Harrington, 2000). Most of the air quality studies are based on measurements of PM10 in urban areas because of their health impacts (Pope and Dockery 1999). Studies indicate that the number concentrations are the much better predictor and indicator of the health effects of the particle matter than the mass concentration (Donaldson et al., 2001; Peters et al., 1997). Transport sector is one of the major anthropogenic contributor of green house gases (GHGs) like NOx, SOx , CO2 , CO particulate matter etc in to the atmosphere(Mitra and Sharma 2002). It has been estimated that vehicles contribute about 64% of the pollution in Delhi while other sources like domestic 8%, industries 12%, power plants 16% are less contributor (MoEF,1997).

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