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Investigation of environmental impact caused by aircraft engines

The environmental effects of exhaust gas emissions from different types of spark ignitions (SIs) - naturally aspirated and air–cooled from piston–prop aircraft engines - at the landing and take–off (LTO) phase of flight–based operations are investigated in this study. The minimum natural resources effect was determined to be 1.37 MJ surplus energy/LTO in 320 in three cylinder displacement and carburetor engine at the takeoff (TO) phase (one of the LTO phases). Besides this, the minimum human health effect was obtained to be 3.49E–07 DALY/LTO, and the minimum ecosystem quality effect was calculated to be 0.00805 PDF*m2yr/LTO in 320 in3 cylinder displacement and injected fuel system at the TO phase.

Keywords: environmental analysis, environmental impact, human health, ecosystem quality, natural resources, aircraft engines, exhaust gas emissions, piston–prop aircraft, spark ignition, landing, take–off

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